Sunday, 14 April 2013

Skincare Routine

I've always been the one to do many steps in my skincare, thinking the more products I use, the better my skin will be. That was a huge mistake. My routine now is pretty basic, and no overload of products and I have stuck with this for a while and it works well for me by keeping breakouts at bay and keeping my skin in good condition. 

My skin has been through many a phases in the past but it seems to have settled at an oily/combination type. I get oily areas in the centre of my face, around my T-zone and chin, and as your go further out to the edges of my face it can become dry. 

In the mornings I don't do anything to my face except rinse it with cool water to wake me up and refresh my face. Some may say this is a bad thing but after many times trying different face washes in the morning, each of them seem to overload my skin and make my face feel clogged in the mornings. Before I apply my make-up I will apply my moisturiser - (Nivea Soft)

At night to remove my make-up I will use the Simple Kind to skin facial wipes. I find these to be really cleansing and not dry, meaning they contain a lot of the product, so really help me to remove all of my make-up  If I am wearing a lot of make-up  usually when I go out in the evenings, I will use simple purifying cleansing lotion just to help remove things such as heavy eye make-up or stubborn make-up that just cannot be removed fully with the cleansing wipes.

After I have removed the bulk of my make-up using the simple products I will use the No7 cleansing water for Normal/oily skin with a cotton pad just to make sure all of my make-up is removed and any residue left over from the cleansers. This makes my skin really soft and makes it feel so clean!

Once a week I use the No7 Beautiful Skin Purifying exfoliator for normal/oily skin. This is a gentle exfoliator which I like because I don't like the exfoliators that feel scratchy on your skin.

After applying the cleansing water I will either apply my KIKO dark spot correcting serum or my La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo depending on what condition my skin is in. If I have any breakouts or feel like I may be getting some I will apply the Effaclar duo to help unclog those breakouts. If my skin is breakout free I use the KIKO correcting serum to even out my skin tone from past breakouts, redness or scarring.

For any stubborn breakouts that just don't seem to go I use the Clinique anti-blemish solutions spot treatment gel. It works wonders for those stubborn breakouts that just seem to latch onto your skin and somehow hibernate beneath your skin haha. 

So that's my skincare routine. Hope you guys like it and can take some tips from it.
If you would like a full review on any of the products I mentioned please feel free to leave a comment or contact me on my email, twitter or instagram.

All the best,
Beth xo 


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